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BookSquirrel Publication House is a trusted Publisher. It will take you with the simplified approach of publishing your books. We would be happy to receive your manuscripts and
meeting talented authors and co-authors on board.

We would love to deal with your beautiful poetries, stories, and other write-ups. Here we will put efforts to become more environmentally friendly and will encourage authors to move forward in life. 

We will provide you with a writer’s congenial platform which will enhance the smooth working of our cell and the relations too.


Our work will always provide you with the finest quality.
We will offer you the most affordable packages with exciting offers. Which will be fully customizable.

We especially pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with both authors and literary agents. These important elements are why we consistently manage to publish such high-quality and popular books. Contact us to find out more.

Our Team

Kshitij Gour, born on 26th Dec ’98 in Ujjain, M.P and currently settled in Indore. He is pursuing a Degree in B.Sc Agriculture. He’s is a writer and a poet. For him, writing is an expression of love.

Kshitij Gour<br />

Co-founder, BookSquirrel

Ashutosh Das, born on 10th Oct ’98 in Bihar and brought up in M.P and currently settled in Indore. He is pursuing a Degree in B. Visual Arts. For him, writing is eternal love.

Ashutosh Das

Founder, BookSquirrel

This is Rubal Choudhary from Gurgaon, Haryana. She is currently pursuing
English Hons aspires to become an IAS officer. She is a content writer and a co-author of many Anthologies.

Rubal Choudhary

The Quilling Arena Head, BookSquirrel


Who are we ?

BookSquirrel Publication provides the platform to published and unpublished authors/writers to publish their contents, stories and poetries.



What is the benefit of an anthology ?

Anthologies are the one place where different writers can connect on a personal level with other writers. This interaction helps them to grow as a writer as well as helps them to grow their reach among readers and different communities.

What we Do ?

We Publish, design, proofread, arrange and organize books. We are recognized as high-quality book publishers who offer the best packages to all the writers at very affordable prices.

Why should we pay for an anthology participation ?

Expenses like Cover Creation, Manuscript Editing, Book Formatting, ISBN allocation etc, each of which costs money, thus an entry charge is taken.

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